Learning Studio Features:

  • Incredibly flexible space that can effectively support instructor-led classroom activities and also promote more informal, student-initiated learning activities. 
  • Wireless and laptop-based.
  • May be configured in traditional rows of tables and chairs for formal presentations, however, students can easily rearrange the mobile, light-weight tables and chairs into collaborative configurations for any sized group.
  • Perfect for problem-based learning and multi-modal instruction.
  • Open when the library is open, and students may use the space and the technology whenever it is not scheduled.

Supplementary equipment (i.e. Lenovo tablet, SMART Board pens, etc) must be must be checked out/in by the instructor at the Media Tech Desk at the start/end of your event.

A Bierce Tech Response Team member will arrive 10 minutes prior to your event to provide general assistance; if additional assistance is required during your event, please call (330) 972-8161 (University Ext. 8161).

Learning Studios must be booked 48 hours in advance.